There's Safe, and there's Maxisafe

Maxisafe manufacture a large range of safety equipment to meet different industry requirements.

We offer Australia’s Best Safety Products to the Workforce

There’s safe and there’s Maxisafe.

Maxisafe are trusted safety equipment suppliers in Australia, offering a comprehensive range of the highest quality products directly through our ‘Preferred Distributor’ Network.

We supply everything from heavy-duty hand protection to functional eye protective wear, giving you a comprehensive range of personal safety products that cover the needs of the toughest Australian industries.

A Range of Personal Protective Equipment Available

Maxisafe distributes high-quality safety equipment in Australia, and havea comprehensive range of PPE. Our products use the latest technology to meet and exceed safety standards without hindering the performance of the workers on the floor.

We take a proactive approach in designing our safety products to provide unparalleled protection from workplace hazards. We manufacture the best Australian safety supplies that cover the needs of the toughest industries.

Ergonomic Products

Hand Protection

Head Protection

High Visibility Workwear

Eye Face Protection Products

Height Safety

Foot Protection Products

Respiratory Protection

Site Safety

Hearing Protection

Welding Blankets & Apparel

About Maxisafe

Maxisafe is a leading brand from Techware, a safety products manufacturer. Techware develops and manufactures safety solutions for total worker protection. We offer hand protection, head protection, and clothing, as well as respiratory equipment and site and civil safety products.

We are recognised for our innovative products that meet the highest quality requirements, complying with Australian, European and American safety standards. Our global sourcing power enables us to produce world-class safety products made to the highest quality. Our products have cutting edge features that can give your workforce an edge in performance.

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, offering full support from the initial order through to the final sale. If you can’t sell a product, send it back to us for a full refund!